Uprooted Memories: Echoes of Our Past

All Knowing, 2020 
Oil on wood
H. 14″ x W. 11″

“Within my paintings, I utilize dark themes, such as symbols of death, gore, and a gloomy color palette. They pay homage to Catholic religious iconography and relics by mimicking a similar static compositional layout portraying one or more female protagonists in a hierarchy to other symbolic elements found in the background of my images. This is in order to convey complex internal emotional battles in the form of a saint or icon. One of the main sources of inspiration for the aesthetics of my pieces is the Virgin Mary as depicted in Catholicism; a large and ornate female figure in power on a narrow picture frame, which inspire the figures in my work.”

The works Liliette Ferro creates are based on her own experiences with religion, particularly that of growing up in a Catholic environment. Thus, she weaves past and present, and presents a parallel between the two, as well as between traditional iconography and darker themes. She questions the idea of what makes a saint or idol, and the perception of religious symbolism in a different context. She comments “My past has a lot to do with my present work. I grew up in a roman catholic household and was exposed to several religious images as a child. My current work depicts a similar aesthetic to religious figures. Questioning the idea of what makes a saint or idol and the hierarchy of their position in the image, while also depicting more contemporary motifs and subjects”

In All Knowing, she presents two female figures as mirror images of each other, joined together by an all-seeing eye that appears to float on the canvas, questioning the audience with its directness. Ferro attempts to comment on the duality of the self, both in a personal and religious way.


Liliette Ferro is a U.S born Cuban-American raised in Miami. She is mostly a self-taught artist specializing in drawing, painting, and handmade ceramic pottery. She attended Miami-Dade College (MDC) from 2014-2016 and graduated with an Associates in Arts inArt Education; from 2014-2019 she attended the University of Miami (UM) and Graduated with a BFA with a primary concentration in painting and a secondary concentration in ceramics, accompanied with a minor in art history. During her time at MDC, she received the “Honors Visual Arts Award” in 2016, and went aboard to Europe to study art history while at UM. She was also chosen several times to exhibit in their “Annual Student Exhibitions” from 2016-2019. She is now a current instructor at the Ceramic League of Miami and is currently pursuing her MFA at FIU.

Website: https://www.liliettart.com/

Email: liliettarts@gmail.com

Instagram: @liliettarts