Uprooted Memories: Echoes of Our Past

Violeta, 2020
Oil on wood
H. 20″ x W. 20″

“My latest work is all about memory, nostalgia, and trying to capture the fleeting moments of childhood. I want my art to serve as evidence of life in this century, of motherhood, and the ephemeral quality of the time spent with loved ones”

Wendy Ordóñez’ paintings showcase the beauty of motherhood, illustrating themes of nostalgia, love, and intimacy. When looking at her works, one imagines the warmth behind every moment, and aids the audience to reminisce about their own familial relationships.

In this exhibition, she exhibits paintings of her daughters, who are prominent throughout her work. Violetta Sleeping portrays one of the artist’s daughters as she lies in bed, sleeping peacefully. The smaller size of the work draws the viewer in to the details of the painting, captivating the eye of the audience and showing familiar intimacy through warm tones, soft brushstrokes, and a sense of quietness. Little Feet, on the other hand, is a close-up of her other daughter’s feet as she lies away from the viewer, the soft touch of the skin still present in child-like play.

Little Feet, 2019
Oil on canvas
H. 8 ” x W. 10″


Wendy Ordóñez is a classically trained artist working primarily with oil, soft pastels, and digital media. Her focus lies on technique and color. She is a double alumna from Florida International University and an MFA candidate at the Academy of Portrait and Figurative Art.

 She has traveled extensively drawing inspiration from every place she visits. was born in Cali, Colombia, but she currently resides in Miami, Florida together with her husband, daughters, and two dogs. 

Website: www.wendyximenastudio.com

Email: wendyximenastudio.com

Instagram: http://@wxstudio