Uprooted Memories: Echoes of Our Past

Ecstasy, 2022 (from the series: Hesitancies)
acrylic markers on Plexiglass
H. 32″ X W. 40″

“In my work, contorted human figures are fused to convey movement in a static format. These bodies are fused in order to reflect the transient, unstable condition of the human being, their feelings, goals, and beliefs. By merging symbolic poses like contrapposto, the starting posture, a race, or a dance, I explore the multiple psychological dispositions that our physical bodies can express, and how they often contradict or reaffirm each other. I create my drawings in a sharply rendered anatomical way, presenting more than one point of view to the human figures.”

Pedro Sena’s work represents the complexities of the human psyche as they are present in the mannerisms of the physical body. The political climate of Cuba as he was growing up, composed of ever-changing beliefs, ideologies, and religions, led him to a mentality that was skeptical. “To believe everything and nothing at all.” However, this does not discredit the role of human connection and the importance of empathy, which he aims to achieve and convey by expressing the unstable condition of the human mind.

In Self-Portrait, Sena provides a realistic image of two upper bodies as they collide and join at the waist, one looking away and another towards the audience. One is led to believe that these are the two personas of the same man, and brings up questions of indecisiveness, polarity, and fracturing of the mind. In Ecstasy, he presents the distorted torso of a nude anatomically female figure. The multiple legs and grotesque body raises questions of the psyche, inner turmoil, and pondering of larger issues.

Self-portrait (from the series: Hesitancies), 2022 charcoal pencil on paper
H. 72″ x W. 42″


Pedro Sena is a Cuban artist who’s been living in Miami, FL since 2014. As a young artist growing up in Cuba during the early 2000’s Sena lived through perhaps one of the most confusing mixtures of ideologies one can imagine. Being almost impossible for him to assimilate or even fake any set of beliefs, he became a nihilist to some extent, constantly searching for pointless, instant pleasure, dismissing others’ sufferings or any care for his own future. But a question still remained in his head, what if he sincerely tried to make life less sufferable for himself and for others? What if he aimed for a more meaningful way to conduct himself in the world? Sena started creating art mostly through painting and drawing, in a highly conceptual, carefully rendered manner.

He draws conceptual and aesthetic inspiration from art styles such as surrealism, expressionism, and realism; as well as ancient symbols and ideas in a personal attempt to explore his human condition and his inner desire to achieve wholeness. Exploring the idea of the search for this through personal and symbolic drawings is relevant to Sena, not only because he is an artist, who finds meaning in his artistic expression, but also because it is through art that human beings are more susceptible and receptive to philosophical and psychological concepts.

Sena has exhibited work in several shows and salons. He participated in the “Quest for Peace” art contest, at Miami Dade College in 2017, where he received the 1st prize. In 2018 he was awarded the 1st prize at the MDC Kendall Campus Art Show. He has also shown drawings at the “Rising Stars” exhibition at the New World School of the Arts, in 2018 and 2019. And in May 2021, he graduated with Honors from New World School of the Arts, where he received the title of Bachelor in Fine Arts. He then became an art teacher at the Miami Fine Arts Academy.

In August 2022, Sena started his Master in Fine Arts at Florida InternationaI University.

Email: pedrisena@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pedrisena/